The usual invocation of Lensed is with a configuration file which contains program options and the model that is being reconstructed. The reconstruction is started using

$ lensed config.ini

where config.ini is the name of the configuration file.

It is possible to split the configuration into different files, for example to modularise options and individual aspects of the model. The following command would run Lensed with the configuration taken from three different files:

$ lensed options.ini lens.ini sources.ini

Repeated options are overwritten by the later configuration files.

Finally, it is possible to give any of the options (but not the model) directly on the command line. For example, in order to change the number of live points for a quick look at results, one could invoke Lensed in the following way:

$ lensed config.ini --nlive=50

As before, the order of the given configuration files and options is important.